University of Tennessee’s Gallery 1010 Presents: “Out of Frame, Off the Wall”

ImageIt was such a pleasure to participate in this show curated by Jennifer Scheuer, Allison Olmstead and Katie Woodby. If you missed the opening, view it virtually here.

The print and paper exhibition “Out of the Frame, Off the Wall” at Gallery 1010 will exhibit artists whose work utilizes non-traditional forms of display that do not easily exist within the frame, or are of a sculptural nature , to create oversized or three-dimensional works of art. Each artist translated the use of paper in a unique way, and the exhibition will include: paper-casting, book-works, layered paper with cut-outs, 3D computer modeling, a printing wheel, preserved specimens, sewn paper, 3D optical images, matchboxes, and box designs.

“Out of the Frame, Off the Wall” integrates the print and paper work of University of Tennessee artists with international artists from Wales, Canada, and Mexico, as well as artists throughout the United States including New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. The show was inspired by the curators’ interest in celebrating the three-dimensional construction of graphic works.

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