2016 Pre-College Painting Highlights

I was delighted to start 2016 off with leading an introductory painting course with 12 prospective UARTS students. Happy to share the highlight work that came from this 8-week course.


A Total Book “Nerd-Out” In 2D Design Foundation


The American Philosophical Society (APS) Library is one of my top most treasured institutions of Philadelphia, and I make any excuse to view the collection. On this excursion I gave a lecture and presentation on beast and creature/monster mythology in western illustrated scientific manuscripts published between the 16th and early 19th centuries.




Pre-college Course Highlights

The 2015 pre-college year was full of discovery in and outside of the studio. I always enjoy  developing and leading a studio painting course; but this year, I was ecstatic to share my love of urban wheat paste culture+print installation in my Street Art Print course.

New Zine: How to Catch a Jackalope

“Carry with you two glasses and fine whiskey. At twilight pour and prepare for a tranquil wait. The aromas will draw the illusive creature, he shall drink his fill and faint with blissful intoxication. This is how to catch the Jackalope.”

The first zine of 2012! Ink jet printed on Mohawk Superfine with a hand pulled block-printed cover. This edition will be small so reserve your copies soon!